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Induction heating is a non contact method of electronically heating conductive materials. Utilising high frequency, alternating currents in coils creates a rapidly alternating magnetic field. This magnetic field crosses the work-piece creating a current flow (eddy currents) within the part; heat is then generated due to the resistance to eddy current flow within the material.

Induction Heating is a faster, safer and more efficient way of heating conductive materials compared to Resistance and Propane which are the traditional methods. Our heating elements remain cool to the touch while the material heats from within.

Thermal imaging clearly shows heat focused and spread evenly spread across work area, resulting in a better quality of weld.


Advantages over Resistance Heating:

  • Time to temperature is up to 20 times faster

  • Welders are not exposed to hot connectors and ceramic pads

  • Welding can work more efficiently as up to 75% less heat is reflected back

  • Less risk of fire hazard from rock wool or connectors burning our or catching fire

  • Re-useable insulation leading to reduction in disposal costs

  • Less power consumption

  • Quicker stress cycle setup and no failures due to burned out connectors


Some of our more common applications are:

  • Pre and Post Weld Heat Treatment

  • Hydrogen Bake Out

  • Stress Relieving

  • Structural Steel

  • Flat Plates

  • Vessels

  • Fabrication

  • Coatings

  • Unfreezing Pipelines

  • Trace Heating

Due to the flexibility of our systems we can adapt our equipment to almost any heat treatment requirements.

Our induction heating coils are easily wrapped around various shapes and sizes of components.

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